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Choosing the Right Home Health Care Administration Software

October 08, 2013

Choosing the right home health care software solution for you agency is one of the most important decisions your organization will make. Investing in the right software improves organizational efficiency, accuracy, and patient care. Selecting the wrong software will set you back financially and create headaches when dealing with audits and tracking patient records.

Many factors need to be considered when selecting the home health software you’ll build your company around. Below are some of the most important things to consider when making your choice.

Why Do You Need a Home Health Software Solution?

This is the big question and knowing the answer before you start your search makes the process simpler and more productive. Identify your motivation for the software and organizational needs before you begin contacting vendors. Identifying your areas of need beforehand makes it easier to relay your organizational needs and goals to potential vendors.

Each home care organization has different needs and sometimes what works for your competitors, won’t work for your organization. Identify the things that your company needs the software to do in order for your organization to succeed. Things to consider include:

  • Reporting features
  • Integration of old records
  • Ease of use and user learning curve
  • Compatibility with any current software

Web or Server Based Solution?

When it comes to a software solution, you typically have two options: Web based or server based software. Each type of software has their own pros and cons, but for many agencies web based software offers a number of advantages over server based solutions.

With web based home health software, a monthly fee replaces substantial upfront costs. Web based solutions save agencies from purchasing servers and data backups, along with the maintenance and deployment costs that come with them. Additionally, web based solutions are updated more frequently and don’t require you to have an IT staff manually install upgrades. Web based solutions keep the software updated through an easy process that requires nothing from you.

Unlike web based software, server based software must be installed onto individual computers and other communication devices such as tablets and smartphones. The data is deployed, managed, and executed from a server located within your office. While you avoid monthly software fees when opting for a server-based solution, it does require large upfront hardware and software purchases, along with employing a staff dedicated to maintaining and securing your data.

Do You Need A Custom Solution?

If your company has a specific task or process that you find challenging or impossible to complete using your current system, make sure that potential vendors are aware of the situation. A good vendor will help you identify and create solutions that work for you and your employees.

One thing to keep in mind is that creating custom solutions is a time consuming process for both agencies and vendors. Be sure that you really need the customizations prior to going down this road. In many cases, you’ll be able to get the same results by clicking a few more buttons. Creating a custom solution for the sake of creating it can be more frustrating than it is helpful. Before going down the customization road make sure that you have a clear purpose for doing so.

Narrow Your Vendor Selections

Information overload can happen to all of us. Before you contact software vendors for demos, it’s a good idea to narrow your choices to just a few vendors. Decide on the things that are most important to your company and which vendors best fit those needs. Viewing too many demos from too many different vendors can make it difficult to differentiate one product from another when it’s time to make a decision.

Questions to Ask and Keep in Mind when Viewing Demos

  • Will the software still meet your needs three years from now? Five years from now?
  • Is there a significant upfront investment?
  • What hardware will I need for this solution? New computers? Servers? Tablets? Smartphones?
  • Does the vendor respond to changing industry standards and best practices in a timely manner?
  • Is the vendor flexible and willing to help you find solutions to challenges specific to your agency?
  • Is the vendor invested in your success or only interested in selling you their solution?

Always Practice Due Diligence

Your business is your business and only you know what is vital to your success. Ensure that you share any concerns and issues critical to your agency with potential home health software vendors. Holding back only hurts your agency. Make sure that your goals and the goals of the vendor you select are compatible.

Agency and Vendor Relations

Selecting the right home health software is important to your agency, but the relationship you have with the vendor is even more important. You’re making an investment in the vendor and they should be making an investment in your agency too. Selecting a vendor that is honest, reliable, flexible, and responsive to client needs and concerns will help ensure that you have a long and successful relationship.

VisionsSky Home Health Care Software

Selecting the right home health software vendor is vital to your success. Visions Sky Corp has been helping home health agencies provide better patient care and overcome their unique challenges for more than a decade. For more information about our software designed specifically for home health agencies, please contact us today.opteckmiami florida beach house rentalsопределение кредитденьги в долг в ульяновскекредитная карта связной кукурузапотребительский кредит воронежофициальный айтhallandale beach miamitop rated binary trading platformslist of all social media sitesчемодан косметичкаорганизацияsmsbezdnaцерковь духовного возрождениясмартфон алкательлобановский александр игоревич харьков


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