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Once upon a time, in 1999, in a faraway land called Orlando, Florida there lived a man named Ron.  Ron held a bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida, was experienced in computer software design, and was working at the time as the Vice President of a home health care agency.   After seeing the frustration and time consuming manual systems that his company used to run its business, Ron decided to help his company come into the 20th century and find a software that would replace these manual systems, save massive amounts of time and money, and essentially streamline his company’s business.  Throughout his search, Ron was frequently frustrated in his attempt to bring his company into this century because the software that existed was just simply too expensive for his company to fit into its budget.  In addition, the software he was able to simply did not make sense to the employees of his agency.  Their minds were programed to understand medical terminology and patient care, not complicated computer systems.  After several weeks of this frustrating search, Ron thought to himself,
“Well then, I shall create a software that is both user friendly and affordable to other home health agencies.”  And the people cheered!  And behold, in December of 1999 the first incarnation of his software, “Visions”, was released.  And the people cheered louder because not only was it understandable to medical professionals, but agencies could afford this software and all was well! 

But that is not the end of our story. For you see, no matter how wonderful Visions was, it had to keep up with the changes in technology and user needs.  The years went by, and Visions underwent many regular updates.  However, by 2008 Ron saw a new need.  Technology had advanced to where there needed to be a Cloud based system for his users as this further simplified the running of home health care agencies.  Then 2009, much to his delight, Ron found Sir Peter Wright to partner with him in the development of a Cloud Based version of his software.  Ron was especially excited because Sir Peter Wright is not your average software designer.  He is a much sought after international software designer who has had fourteen of his books on the subject published.  So together, Ron and Peter embarked on creating VisionsSky, a much improved and Cloud based version of the Visions software.  It was a daunting task, but they rose to the occasion and VisionsSky was released…and the people said “huzzah!” 

It had actually been done!  Ron had taken everything he learned from fourteen years of interacting with clients through the original Visions software, and used it to make the VisionsSky everything he dreamed it could be.  Now there was an incredibly user friendly version that anyone could use, that was Cloud based, meaning it could be used from anywhere around the world! 

Now the kingdom of software is complete because there exists the most user friendly, technologically advanced software on the market, supported by the best customer service around.  And the people slept well because they knew VisionsSky was there to support their home health companies.free grammer checksформа для кулича бумажнаяоформить кредитную карту в евроситидебет 50 кредит 71playstation 4 в кредитномер телефона хоум кредитenglish germanнаборы кастрюлейлучшие движки для интернет магазинанабор для укладки ламината ценараскрутка через социальные сетиoksnatcher.comokwasterкупить сайт интернет магазиндля храненияпродвижения сайта